Seals & Gaskets

Delta supplies a full line of textile products to meet the demanding needs of the fabrication, oil & gas, and high heat industries.

Our product line includes:

  • Expansion Joints
  • Filter Bags
  • Furnace Door Seals
  • Gang Seals
  • Gaskets
  • Heat Exchange Covers
  • Heat Trace Wraps
  • Hot Work Enclosures
  • Peep Door Seals
  • Seal Bags
  • Seal Bags
  • Sound Abatement
  • Stress Relieving Pads
  • Tadpole Gaskets
  • Tube Seals
  • Turbine Covers
  • Valve & Pipe Covers
  • Vessel & Drum Covers
  • Welding Curtains
  • Wet Felt
  • Zone Divider Curtains

Tube Seals

Tube Seals are removable/reusable textile jacket seals. These seals can be fabricated to withstand continuous temperatures up to 2500°F.

These jackets are intended to seal the area from the ferrule to the pipe, while allowing for the pipes multi directional movements, without inhibiting the pipe or damaging the jacket.
They are most commonly used on furnaces. Some locations are the Radiant Inlet and Outlet Manifold

Tube Seals provide many benefits. Such as, stopping hot air from escaping the furnace, and cold air from entering the furnace. This will cut back on the amount of fuel used to achieve the desired temperature. In turn saving money.

Tube Seals help provide safety to every member working on a furnace. These seals can at times be containing temperature up to 2500°F.

Fabrication Possibilities:

  • Can be Fabricated for weather resistance
  • Hook & Loop, Strap & D-Rings, Lacing Anchors & Tie Wire, Double Flaps and Hog Rings, Zipper Closures, and any combination of the two
  • Fabricated for easy time saving installation and removal
  • Custom Fabricated for each application for an accurate fit

Expansion Joints

Expansion Joints are flexible seals that are fabricated to bridge the gap between two or more pipes/duct work. Expansion Joints allow for the necessary movement of the pipes/ exhaust duct work, and contains the flow of the contents in which it is attached. The joints are air impermeable to insure that pressure nor content is wasted.

This system is able to eliminate excessive vibration associated with the transfer of hot gases through the ducting system of gas turbine and furnaces.

These Joints are fabricated for easy replacement. Due to this, the existing flange work is reusable without the removal of the wear plates or internal baffle. The flexibility, mixed with the lightweight nature of these seals provides minimal load and lateral strain to the duct work caused by heat expansion.

Types and Specifications of Expansion Joints:

  • Fabricated to fit cylindrical, rectangle, square pipes and duct work
  • Metallic and Non Metallic
  • Insulated an NON Insulated
  • Can handle temperatures up to 2500°F.
  • Can be fabricated in the final shape or left open and ready to wrap

Tadpole / Rope / Fiber Gaskets

Our Gaskets are effective heat barrier seals combining industry leading high temperature materials, quality fabrication, and a long service life.

Gaskets are used in sealing furnace doors, covers, panel joints, ducting, expansion joints, burners and other high heat applications. The material’s flexibility effectively seals uneven flanges and varying surfaces. The tail of our tadpole gasket section allows for easy attachment of the bulb which insulates up to 2500°F operating temperature.

Depending on your application, we fabricate and design from a wide range of material. Some available options include: ceramic fiber insulation, fiberglass insulation, silicone coated cloth, silica, ceramic fiber cloth, wire mesh, and 3M™Nextel™.

Top Deck Seals

Top deck seals are designed to replace the cumbersome top deck plates on HPI furnaces where the process tubes penetrate the arch. The deck plate are removed and replaced with a lightweight, ergonomic insulating and weather proof seal enable easy access to individual process tubes and hangers for easy repairs without the use of special equipment.

Combined with the DF® Module system in the arch and shadowbox, this system allows for worker safety during re-tubes & repairs and also increases furnace efficiency by sealing the deck flanges and the tubes. Furthermore, the seals are designed for appropriate tube movement eliminating possible damage to the tubes from rubbing on the steel deck plates.

The seals can be fabricated from a variety of materials from 1800°F silica hot face and weatherproof cold face cloth to a true 2500°F 3M™Nextel™ cloth.

Stress Relieving Pads

Stress Relieving Pads are used to slow down the cooling process of heated steel during fabrication. This process helps eliminate stress cracks from rapid cooling. Insulated pads are designed and fabricated for reuse.

Removable & Reusable Jackets

Removable/Reusable Jacket seals range from straight pipe wraps to valve covers and many various applications between. Jackets are intended to cover and seal a certain area while insulating and protecting equipment and staff. Design allows easy access for inspection and/or maintenance. Available in numerous styles and materials and are weather and fire resistant.

  • Fireproof Covers
  • Heat Trace Wraps
  • Valve and Pipe Covers
  • Vessel and Drum Covers
  • Turbine Covers

Custom Designs

We pride ourselves on our creativity and knowledge of various industrial processes to meet your needs. Our role is to provide the best possible solutions for your specific application. Custom design and fabrication are our specialty, our team of experts factor in all parameters throughout the manufacturing process.